Semester at Sea’s print presence had lost direction. The goal: reorient to Semester at Sea’s true north, their multi-generational global scholars. To accomplish this goal, I overhauled the program guide, budget guide, map and course list, and lifelong learner guide. Doing my research, I found all the alumni spoke of the perspective altering experience. I illustrated the ship inside of prospective students, showing how the semester will fill their mind to the brim. Navigating treacherous deadlines, I worked with a copywriter to re-imagine the work, giving it a new life and sense of adventure.
I gave the program guide a shimmering spot gloss cover that makes the ocean water come alive.
In their previous materials they had separate maps for each semester at sea. I combined the maps into one clear overview map and changed the print format to a Z fold to make the map more adventure than stranded at sea.

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