Marketing Collateral
Summer Camp Series
The 2022 Alma Summer Camp Series was a webinar series that revolved around an adventure theme. For the Series, I designed 3 identities and worked with the in-house marketing team to name each webinar: Administration Summit, Teacher's Toolkit, and Parent & Student Pathway. Prospective attendees were sent an email that directed them to a landing page with greater detail about the webinars. They could then pick their path and learn more about how Alma helps school admin, educators, and parents + students.
Seasons of Alma
A seasonal testimonial campaign focused on building brand love through engaging with Alma cheerleaders. It garnered a cornucopia of video and text submissions on topics such as: Gratitude, Celebration, Partnership, and Collaboration and showed how cutting edge student information systems are something to truly be grateful for.
Brand Library
Every design is only as good as it is easy to implement on a team. At Alma, I created a brand library with assets including over 100+ custom designed icons, logo packages, and oft-used sales collateral. With the improved ease of use, Alma sales reps increasingly deployed brand assets, ensuring the brand was getting much needed visibility in the sales process.

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